Jeff Bezos Rumored To Have Interest In 1 NFL Franchise


Jeff Bezos, billionaire founder of Amazon, can buy pretty much anything he wants right now. His latest purchase could end up being an NFL organization.

Bezos, 57, is reportedly interested in purchasing the Denver Broncos, according to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports. The Broncos are currently valued at around $4 billion, which is just two percent of Bezos’ net worth.

“NFL sources expect the Denver Broncos to hit the market in 2022 after what the team says will be an ‘orderly determination of ownership’ — setting the stage for possibly the biggest franchise sale in U.S. sports history,” Perez writes, via “… Sources tell FOS that two names keep popping up as potential new owners: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: A rep for the world’s richest man previously held talks for a 40% stake in the Washington Football Team. A source with knowledge of the situation told FOS that Bezos remains interested in NFL ownership.”

It sounds like the Broncos could be up for sale in 2022. If so, expect Bezos to be in the mix.

As pointed out by Joe Pompliano, Jeff Bezos wouldn’t have an issue coming up with the money.

The Broncos are valued at around $4 billion. That makes up two percent of Bezos’ net worth.

Jeff Bezos has had interest in purchasing a major sports franchise for some time now.

The Broncos would be lucky to have an owner like Bezos, who could probably help the organization make tons of progress.

It may take another year, but it sounds like Bezos could be the Broncos’ new owner at some point in 2022.


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