James Madison University struck after claiming that victims of Kyle Rittenhouse BLACK went viral.


James Madison University struck after claiming that victims of Kyle Rittenhouse BLACK went viral.

The claims were made by Daequan Nichols, junior biophysical chemistry student, during a takeover on the university’s official Instagram

Stories on James Madison University’s official Instagram account bizarrely claimed Friday, November 19, that the victims who died last August after Kyle Rittenhouse fired gunshots were blacks. According to reports, the claims made by Daequan Nichols, the junior major in biophysical chemistry, were made during a takeover of the story but were soon removed.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges on Friday, November 19, after a jury ruled that he had acted in self-defense. He was charged with rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the 25th. All four men, including Rittenhouse, were white. The charges he faced were reckless first degree homicide, reckless first degree endangering, first degree premeditated homicide, attempted first degree murder, possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under the age of 18, and use of a dangerous weapon.


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Nichols added on the Instagram story, “All the protests, everything we’ve been through in 2020, we’d really think it would make a difference, but it clearly doesn’t. We yell Black Lives Matter, but it’s not important enough for these people in power – the jury, the judge, anyone – to charge this man with the murder and taking away of two beautiful black lives at the ripe old age of 26 and 36 . “

Mary-Hope Vass, university spokesperson and director of communications, explained the takeover of social media, saying it will give students this opportunity so that audiences can learn more about student activities and research, and students can interact with the wider community. Vass also said that “takeovers” were commonplace at the university. But she added, “One of yesterday’s acquisitions was a student’s personal opinion and point of view that doesn’t necessarily reflect the university.”

The controversial Instagram stories also went viral on Twitter, with many responding and expressing their thoughts. One user sarcastically tweeted, “‘2 beautiful black lives’ lol. Perhaps he was confused when he read about the criminal histories of the people Kyle defended himself from and thought they were black. “The second remarked,” Where did these people get the whole ‘He killed 2 blacks’ story from? Not only that, but talk about it so confidently wtf. “” Unfortunately, social media has produced a generation of people who only read ‘headlines’ and don’t have the attention span or the interest to read an article before they hurry, giving a talk to their ‘followers’, ”added the third.

Tina Ramirez, a human rights attorney, shared the Instagram Stories: “This was sent to me by an @JMU alum. It is a now deleted video from the JMU’s official IG account that not only criticizes Rittenhouse’s innocent verdict, but also misrepresents the facts of the case, stating that “two beautiful black lives” were killed, which is wrong. 1/2. “

She added, “JMU is a publicly funded university that is now spreading political propaganda and misinformation from its social media accounts. The JMU’s actions are unethical, as Kyle Rittenhouse has been found innocent, and dangerous, as the Post spreads false information that could lead to violence. “

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