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Isiah Thomas Has Perfect Reaction To Trae Young’s USA Basketball Snub

Despite having a superb regular season and a breakout postseason for the Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young was snubbed from the Team USA Olympic squad. But his reaction to that snub has a lot of people rolling, including NBA legend Isiah Thomas.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Young posted a clip from the 2020 docuseries The Last Dance of Thomas lamenting his own Team USA snub from the 1992 “Dream Team”. In that clip, Thomas said, “I don’t know what went into that process. I met all the criteria to be selected. But I wasn’t.”

Young’s retweet included a pensive emoji next to an American flag one. His post has since gotten over 107,000 likes and 17,000 retweets – including one from Isiah Thomas.

The Detroit Pistons legend took the shoutout in stride though. His retweet of Trae Young included four laughing emojis and no comments.

Clearly Isiah Thomas isn’t particularly bothered by how things played out for him.

The Team USA snub of Isiah Thomas was one of the most controversial moments of the 10-part series on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Many people have speculated that MJ asked the powers that be to keep Thomas off the team.

Just about everyone involved has denied that such an ultimatum was made. But the evidence still strongly suggests that Jordan influenced it heavily.

The snub of Isiah Thomas didn’t ultimately keep Team USA from taking gold in 1992. But given how many players are dropping out of the 2021 Team USA Olympic squad for various reasons, the snub of Trae Young may very well come back to haunt them this time.

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