Isaac Bruce Names The NFL’s Best WR Duo Of All-Time


There have been plenty of great wide receiver tandems in the history of the NFL, but Isaac Bruce is fairly confident that only one of them deserves the title of best duo ever.

During a recent interview, Bruce said that he and Torry Holt are the best wide receiver duo the NFL has ever seen.

“It may seem like a whole lot of arrogance to other people, but numbers don’t lie,” Bruce told Bryan DeArdo of CBS Sports. “Everything we put on the football field, the film, it is what it is. You can always go back and turn it on.”

Randy Moss and Cris Carter are often labeled the best duo in NFL history, but Bruce pointed out that they never won a Super Bowl together.

While his recent comments may sound a bit bold, the reality is Bruce and Holt were highly productive for the Los Angeles Rams.

Bruce finished his Rams career with 942 receptions for 14,109 yards and 84 touchdowns. Holt, meanwhile, had 869 receptions for 12,660 yards and 85 touchdowns.

Not only does Bruce think that he’s one half of the best wide receiver duo in NFL history, he believes that same duo would be even better in today’s era.

“You put that same group of guys in this [era], I don’t think there’d be a lid to it. We would probably have to call off the dogs.”


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