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Iowa Alum George Kittle Reacts To Nebraska Football Tweet

San Francisco 49ers tight end and former Iowa star George Kittle was not amused by Nebraska football‘s apparent attempt at trolling his alma mater.

On Friday, Nebraska’s official Twitter account posted a graphic of a Cornhusker player tackling an Iowa counterpart superimposed over a giant wave. It was jokingly supposed to represent a shark attack.

“Nothing to see here, just a friendly ‘interaction’” the caption read.

Iowa football officially responded on Twitter, but Kittle wasn’t content to let their message speak for him. Instead, he had some thoughts of his own.

Posting a missed tackle from a game you’ve lost 6 years in a row,” Kittle wrote. “I would love more “interactions” with you guys! @_willcompton you must be so proud.”

Will Compton, who Kittle tagged in his tweet, is a longtime NFL linebacker and Nebraska alum. His reaction can be seen below.

Iowa has dominated this rivalry recently, winning six in a row and seven of eight. The 2021 matchup between these two Midwestern programs might have some added spice to it now.

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