‘Invasion’ Episode 8: Can Casper REALLY kill the aliens while unprepared?.


‘Invasion’ Episode 8: Can Casper REALLY kill the aliens while unprepared?.

Casper’s seizures are more than he admits, but could it actually be the key to killing one of the aliens?

Another Friday and Apple TV + brought us the latest installment of ‘Invasion’. The slow show finally has aliens, albeit a very meager crowd, with consequences for the people and the main characters. One of the main characters from whose point of view we see events is Caspar Morrow, a young British boy who has an aura of mystery and who has suffered in silence.

Spoiler for ‘Invasion’ Episode 8 – ‘Contact’

Casper (Billy Barratt) and friends split up after reaching London to go to their homes, which sees him and Jamila (India Brown) together in his apartment. On the way, the duo meets an alien, but is able to hide successfully. But the kid expects bad news when they find their mother covered in the mysterious black stuff that suggests an alien was there. Read on to learn what’s next, and what surprising revelations Casper brings to the table.

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Casper, always at risk of having a seizure, reveals there’s more to it than that. His mother’s death leads him to finally take a stand, where he shows Jamila his drawings, which show dark, black scenes that resemble images he sees in his head. When he says he could have stopped the aliens, he explains that he saw and heard things in his head before the aliens even arrived. He tells her, “I saw her when it happened (seizure). Casper says he needs to talk to him and knows he can because he has been feeling it for a long time.

He reveals that this only happens when he’s in the middle of a seizure and hatching a plan to have one on purpose. He explains that he’s finished with the medication they two are leaving to go to a hospital where they can provoke a seizure, a long one that will allow him to make contact. On the way, the two children also meet Trevante (Shamier Anderson), who agrees to help them get to the hospital after Casper’s drawings depict eerie scenes from the death of his troop.

Even though the two are determined to kill them all, will Casper really make it now? First, the likelihood of him contacting them is slim, but even if he does, how will he manage to communicate with them? Suppose he makes this plan to kill her details are missing and if he finds out along the way there is a slim chance he can kill her. The boy seems incredibly unprepared as the situation is unclear and confusing. It remains to be seen whether his “plan” will work at all.

Invasion is streamed on Apple TV + with new episodes released every Friday.

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