“Introduce yourself … ” Dieter Bohlen reckons with German politics.


“Introduce yourself … ” Dieter Bohlen reckons with German politics.

He has long since disappeared from the scene, but he has retained his viciousness. Dieter Bohlen is now devoting himself to the fight against corona in Germany – and formulating a sharp general criticism.

“Imagine if we would all have gone to the vaccination”, Dieter Bohlen begins a two-minute video on Instagram. In the background we see his private rooms. The ex-DSDS juror sits in front of the camera with an unbuttoned white shirt and criticizes the dramatic corona situation in the country. The 67-year-old is certain: The problem with the fourth wave “would not exist now”. But since only around 68 percent of the population are immunized, you now have the salad.

Bohlen no longer understands the world. He lets his around 1.6 million followers feel this clearly in this video. Not only does he show little understanding for all vaccination refusers and corona deniers, politics in Germany also seems to be a thorn in his side. “Everything comes from America. There are really competent people sitting there,” says Bohlen, referring to comparable industrial locations. Because suddenly the music producer is no longer just about the pandemic, but about politics in general.

Bohlen takes a sweeping blow – and doesn’t let any hair down on the composition of top German politics. See in the video what he means exactly and why he praises US politics.

At the end of his clip, he still comes back to the fight against Covid-19 and makes it clear: He was one of “the first” to be vaccinated. In the meantime he is “even boosted”, as he explains. Then he appeals to people to keep wearing masks and at the end formulates a request: “Let yourself be convinced at last,” said Bohlen. The vaccination against the coronavirus, so it emerges from Bohlen’s statements, should really be done by everyone. He gets a lot of approval from his fans, as can be read in the comments section.

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