‘I Need That Jersey!’ says LeBron James to the new Bulls guard.


Newly signed guard Alex Caruso will wear number six for the Chicago Bulls, and fans, including four-time champion LeBron James, are already lining up to buy his jersey.

From 2018 to 2021, the two were teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers, where they won a championship in 2020.

In response to Caruso’s latest Instagram post, his first with the Bulls, James requested a copy of his new jersey:

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$ ”

Just days after free agency began, Chicago signed the former Lakers guard to a four-year, $37-million contract.

Caruso had an average of 6. 2 points, 4 points There are eight assists and one goal. Last season, he averaged one steal per game.

Arturas Karnisovas and the rest of the team are hoping that the 27-year old, along with newly acquired Lonzo Ball, can help the team’s defense next season.

And, as it turns out, he’s already been earmarked to guard one of the Eastern Conference’s top scorers.

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! Caruso, the Harden Stopper?

Andrew Miller examined Alex Caruso’s star-stopping defense in a September 26 article for Pippen Ain’t Easy.

The former Los Angeles Lakers guard has excelled in his defense of Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden.

From Miller’s latest:

Caruso defended Harden in more than three-dozen possessions last season. And in that time, Harden only hit one field goal (which was a three-pointer), and turned the ball over three times. The exception here was the fact that Harden did get nine assists while Caruso defended him last season.

Harden, a member of the Borough’s Big Three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, isn’t short on assists.

But, as Miller goes on to say, trips to the free-throw line have been difficult to come by, at least when Caruso is on the floor:

Yet, the fact that Caruso never fouled Harden in that number of possessions defending him is insanely impressive. Harden averaged around 10 free-throw attempts per 100 possessions last season, and 12.5 in his career.

Trust that if the Chicago Bulls are to make a deep playoff run in the Eastern Conference next season, they’ll inevitably be matched up with James Harden and the 2022 title favorite Brooklyn Nets. Based on his previous experience with the 2018 MVP, Alex Caruso could be the ultimate x-factor in that series. What Does Caruso’s Arrival Mean for Coby White?

Fans knew Coby White’s chances of starting were slim when the Chicago Bulls signed and traded for Lonzo Ball.

However, now that Alex Caruso has joined the team, it’s unclear how much playing time he’ll get.

White was selected seventh overall in the 2019 NBA Draft, but he has yet to prove himself as a true point guard.

Caruso isn’t a floor general, but he’s shown a better sense of the game than his new Bulls teammate.

There’s also the fact that White is currently out with an injury and is unlikely to play in the season opener. According to NBC Sports’ K.C. Johnson, the Chicago Bulls are targeting a mid-November deadline for the guard’s return:

The Bulls are operating off a mid-November timeline for that return, which would mark five months since surgery. It will also mark, according to White, the longest he’s been away from the game due to injury since he started playing basketball.

Expect Alex Caruso to take over second-string point guard duties in the interim, and the team to reevaluate the position once Coby White returns from injury.

Meanwhile, LeBron James will be cheering on his former teammate’s success in his new number six jersey.

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