Hannah Brown reports on the shocking murders of her family members.


Hannah Brown reports on the shocking murders of her family members.

Hannah Brown’s new book “God Bless This Mess” tells the story of “The Bachelorette” star who became the “Dancing with the Stars” champion, but there’s a lot more to it than just dating and dancing on ABC.

According to a human-shared book, Hannah’s book covers “the toughest moments of her life,” including “a shocking family tragedy” that happened when the 27-year-old former pageant queen was just six.

In an excerpt from the E! News, Hannah announced that in May 2001 her aunt LeeLee and her two young cousins ​​Kent, 4 and Robin, 6, were murdered in their small town, Alabama.

Hannah revealed that her mother brought her the news by telling her that her aunt and cousins ​​”are now your angels in heaven” after “a bad man came into her home and hurt her”.

The future “Bachelorette” star wrote that she found it particularly difficult to deal with the tragedy because her cousin Robin was her age. She also revealed that her parents “didn’t believe in therapy” so she had to face the tragedy on her own. She attributed her belief to helping her get through, but revealed that more than 20 years later, she still has bad dreams and trouble sleeping.

“When my mother told us that someone had come into her house and ‘hurt’ them, it terrified me deep in my heart,” wrote Hannah in her book. “I didn’t know the whole story and all the details for years, but to get so close to something so terrible, so terrible – it was a turning point for me. … It changed everything. I no longer lived in the innocence of an untouched childhood. “

Hannah also asked if the narcolepsy she suffers today is “a direct symptom of the trauma of the murder itself”.

Hannah announced that she had started seeing a therapist in her twenties.

In the book, Hannah revealed that very few people knew of the 2001 family tragedy.

“I’ve sometimes used sneaky comments like, ‘There have been some difficult things in my life that I’ve never talked about,’” she told Bustle.

She even found that she suppressed the traumatic story for a long time, but brought it up with the producers during the filming of “The Bachelor” in 2018. The producers of the ABC dating franchise chose not to spread their story about their murdered family members. Instead, she used her book-writing process to get her family to open up about the tragedy.

“It was really nice and healing to finally be able to talk to my own family about it,” she told the point of sale. “Because if you can’t talk about it and you feel free and safe to talk about it with your own family, how will it feel safe to talk to millions of people about it? So in a way, I’m really grateful [that story didn’t air]. “

Just before her book was published, Hannah posted to Twitter Telling fans that she feels “excitement and peace at the same time” after finally being able to share her story.

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