Hailee Steinfeld shines in Hawkeye, but Marvel’s latest series misses the mark.


Hailee Steinfeld shines in Hawkeye, but Marvel’s latest series misses the mark.

Jeremy Renner repeats his role as Hawkeye, the Avenger, best known for his bow and arrow skills rather than superpowers, although he spends most of the first two episodes as Clint Barton, the family man.

The Marvel Cinematic Univers – known by connoisseurs as the MCU – has gotten so massive and so complicated that each new series feels like an endeavor. Hawk Eye, the newest addition to the canon set in the world of Avengers,is no different: I would advise you to go deeper into the story before you get in.

Barton is obviously uncomfortable with the fame an Avenger has brought to fruition about their accomplishments during a cheesy Broadway musical, and freezes when someone recognizes him in public.

But surprisingly for a series named after him, Barton isn’t the main character here. Instead, we spend most of our time with Kate Bishop (a happy performance by Hailee Steinfeld), who we first met as a kid sheltering from the rubble of the great struggle in late 2012 in her Manhattan penthouse The Avengers.

After seeing Hawkeye’s skills in action, she grew into a sniper (with an equally sharp tongue), just like him. Through a tangled series of events, the two work together to uncover a criminal conspiracy.

There is a lot to like here, most of it comes from Steinfeld. It feels like a superhero movie from the 2010s, all snappy jokes and bombastic fight scenes – although it’s strange that neither Hawkeye nor Kate use their famous arrow skills in action sequences like this.

But the plot is complicated, and you have to study Marvel lore very much to get into the mystery of Ronin’s suit and his missing sword (I told you to fight).

The problem with the Disney + MCU series is that it’s best around JanuaryWandaVision, was the first out of the gate. Emotionally gripping and insanely funny, every subsequent series is compared with it – I’m afraid Hawk Eye misses the mark this time.

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