Golden State Warriors Rumored To Have Interest In Future Hall Of Famer


As the Suns and Bucks battle it out in this year’s NBA Finals, the rest of the league’s teams have turned their attention towards the 2021 offseason — including the Golden State Warriors.

According to speculation from a Warriors insider, the franchise could be looking to add another veteran offensive weapon to their roster this coming season. With Klay Thompson set to return to a star-studded backcourt with Steph Curry, Golden State could be primed for a title-contending run in 2021 — calling for one more piece to push them over the edge.

Discussing potential offseason moves with Locked on Warriors podcast, Golden State insider Bram Hillsman of Warriors Huddle suggested Carmelo Anthony could be a veteran piece the team targets this offseason.

Hillsman noted that this could be a mutually beneficial pairing for both Melo and the Warriors. Anthony would get the chance to make his first run at an NBA championship and the Warriors would get a reliable veteran scoring presence off the bench. Podcast host Wes Goldberg also chimed in with some reasons why this marriage would would — siting the Trail Blazers’ need to improve on defense and the Warriors’ desire to improve offensively.

Through 69 regular-season games with Portland this year, Anthony averaged 13.4 points in 24.5 minutes per game off the bench. While the 37-year-old forward isn’t in his former six-time, All-NBA form, he certainly has the ability to step in and provide instant offense for any team in the league.

With his contract expiring at the end of this past year, Anthony is an unrestricted free agent heading into this offseason.

While plenty of teams will be interesting in adding the 12-time All Star, the most likely option for Melo is a return to Portland. Last year, Anthony made his stance on the matter pretty clear.

“I feel like this is the place for me to end my career,” he said in January of 2020. “It could have happened earlier, but it didn’t. Now, where I’m at in my life and my career—this is where I want to retire.”

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