Former Patriots Exec Predicts What Belichick Will Tell Mac Jones


Mac Jones will begin his NFL career on Sunday, and you best believe he’s going to be nervous.

Jones won the Patriots‘ starting gig late in the preseason and New England subsequently released Cam Newton. This is Jones’ team now, but he doesn’t have to win games all on his own.

Bill Belichick is big on using all three phases of football – offense, defense and special teams – to win games. He’s not going to ask Jones to do too much in his first-ever NFL start. One former Patriots executive believes he knows exactly what Belichick will tell his rookie quarterback ahead of his first-ever NFL start.

Mike Lombardi thinks Belichick will tell Jones that the pressure doesn’t rest solely on his shoulders. The entire team has to play well to come away with a win.

“Belichick is all about three phases winning the game,” Lombardi said, via “I am sure he’ll have this conversation with Mac: ‘You don’t have to win the game. We’ve got to play good in the kicking game. We’ve got to play good on defense and we’ve got to play good on offense. You have to play good. You’re just part of the three things.’”

Mac Jones doesn’t have to do it all on his own, but he has to step up to the plate and make a few big plays.

Jones is only a rookie. He’s going to struggle. But he needs to avoid turnovers and trust his offensive line to keep him upright.

Jones and the Patriots begin the 2021 season on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.


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