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Former NFL Star Gives Percent Chance Aaron Rodgers Retires

Training camp is just around the corner, and it is anyone’s guess what Aaron Rodgers will do. Green Bay Packers players seem optimistic that he’ll show up to play this season, put some still believe the nuclear option is out there for him.

Rodgers would sacrifice significant money if he doesn’t show up to play for the Packers this fall. The team has no real incentive to trade him before next offseason at the earliest. If he truly wants to get out, one option is retirement.

That seems like a drastic one for Rodgers, who is coming off of an MVP season and likely wants to see how much longer he can play at an elite level. Former NFL star Brandon Marshall doesn’t think we can rule out Rodgers calling it a career, at least for the time being, to try and force the Packers’ hand.

“70-percent, 70-percent good,” Marshall said of Rodgers’ chances of playing for the Packers this fall. “There’s nowhere to go. It’s the end. Where’s he going to go right now? Who’s going to trade for him now?…They know they have him for now. But there’s still a 30-percent chance that the unthinkable happens.”

Marshall reiterates that he’ll probably play this fall, but we won’t know with 100-percent certainty until we see it happen. Of course, the former Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins standout likely doesn’t know much more than the rest of us, but it has to give Packers fans pause.

Earlier today, Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers was offered a major contract extension that would have made him the highest-paid player in the NFL, and keep him under contract for five more years, though it is unclear what the details of that offer were.

Green Bay Packers training camp opens on July 28. While Aaron Rodgers may not show up and still could return to the team at a later date, that is the next spot on the calendar to circle.

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