Former NFL Player Has A Blunt Message For Cole Beasley


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley has stirred up controversy with his anti-vaccination stance this offseason. His views have been the subject of much debate, and one former NFL player has a message for him.

Appearing on the SI Media Podcast, former defensive end Chris Long said that leadership requires “convincing” people of what to do rather than “telling” them what to do. As it relates to Cole Beasley, Long said he would debate him on the issue of vaccines rather than tell him what to do.

Long said that he might also tell Beasley to “stop whining” about the vaccine instead. He feels that Beasley could have just said he’s not going to take the vaccine and leave it at that rather than trying to make himself “into a martyr.”

“If you just said ‘I’m not getting vaccinated’ and then you don’t go on that big diatribe, that’s my point,” Long said. “Like, people are going to be on your ass. Like, don’t be making some crazy s–t up and don’t make yourself into a martyr.”

Cole Beasley has made it abundantly clear where he stands on vaccines. But many people on social media have fought with him over his stance, which has led the Bills wideout to make many statements doubling-down on his positions.

While he’s hardly the only NFL player to express concerns over vaccines, Beasley is by far the most vocal. He isn’t finding many allies in the NFL who will openly go to the levels he will to defend his stance.

Chris Long is really holding Beasley’s feet to the fire with his statement here. We’ll see if any other NFL players – current or former – follow suit.


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