Former NFL GM Shares What He’s Hearing About Urban Meyer


Believe it or not, there are actual rumors suggesting Urban Meyer – head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars – may have interest in the USC head coach vacancy.

The Trojans fired Clay Heltonon Monday, putting an end to a mostly ugly eight years in Southern California. Who will USC now turn to? Insert Meyer.

The former Ohio State coach has been linked to USC for years now. Southern California is a recruiting hot-bed and the Trojans are in need of a leader like Meyer. But would he really leave the NFL to return to college football? Former NFL GM Michael Lombardi is starting to hear some interesting things about the possibility.

It might not be a coincidence that USC chose to move on Helton just a day after Meyer’s ugly NFL debut on Sunday.

“Interesting to hear the comments from folks in Columbus that I trust tell me that Meyer might love going back to college,” Lombardi said on Twitter. “The timing of this move for USC tells me there is something brewing–not sure what, but something.”

Would Urban Meyer really leave the Jaguars so soon for USC? Let’s look at the facts.

Jacksonville is no where near being a contender. It’s going to take years before Meyer is able to orchestrate an improbable rebuild.

In the college game, a rebuild can take just one off-season thanks to recruiting. Meyer was known as one of the best recruiters in college football during his collegiate coaching days. The best thing about USC is Meyer wouldn’t even need to leave the state to wrangle in elite classes.

It’s all speculation right now, and it’s not very plausible. But there’s a reason Meyer’s name is always mentioned when discussing the USC job. He’d be the perfect fit in Southern California.


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