Former NFL Executive Warns Fans Before Training Camp


The NFL’s preseason is about to heat up in a major way.

While some teams have already reported for training camp, the vast majority of the league isn’t beginning its official preseason work until later this week.

Training camp is always an exciting time for NFL fans. Everyone is starting from the same place – 0 and 0 – and optimism is high. There are always reports about certain players standing out in a big way, having made serious improvements from the previous season.

However, fans should be on alert heading into the upcoming week. One former NFL executive has a warning for fans across the league.

“Beware of early media reports about who is standing out in camps. Rarely means a thing,” former NFL executive Joe Banner tweeted.

Banner, 68, was Philadelphia Eagles’ team president from 1995-2012. He then worked in the front office for the Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons.

It’s understandable to get excited about certain players throughout training camp, but keep this warning from Banner in mind.


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