Former NBA Player Says ESPN Gave Maria Taylor ‘Sympathy’ Job


ESPN’s Rachel Nichols has been put through the wringer for her comments about Maria Taylor back in 2020. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson has since come to her defense.

In a newly released video on Instagram, Jackson said Nichols “deserve(d) that job” which ESPN was wanting to give to Taylor. He also went on to say ESPN was “trying to give Maria a sympathy job,” implying she hadn’t earned it over Nichols.

“We all ramble and we say things when we’re frustrated, and Rachel did deserve that job, it’s just plain and simple,” Jackson said via Instagram. “I’ve talked to Rachel and I know a lot of things she was saying out of frustrations because ESPN put her in a bad position and they even put Maria in a bad position by trying to give Maria a sympathy job, they were trying to make themselves look good because of the Black lives Matt and the George Floyd stuff was going on.”

Take a look.

Stephen Jackson knows Rachel Nichols pretty well. He worked as an analyst on ‘The Jump’ alongside Nichols for years. Jackson has since gone on to leave ESPN and now co-hosts a podcast alongside Matt Barnes.

Jackson’s latest comments surrounding Nichols are eye-opening, to say the least. Nichols has been put through the wringer over the past two days. But perhaps ESPN should be receiving more of the blame.

The Worldwide Leader pitted Nichols and Maria Taylor against each other. We have a hard time believing ESPN couldn’t have found two prominent roles for the both of them.


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