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Former GM Says 1 Coach Is On ‘Tremendous’ Hot Seat

When Zac Taylor arrived in Cincinnati to take over the Bengals, he was tasked with leading a complete rebuild of the AFC North franchise. Through his first two seasons, the team’s progress has been slow.

Since taking over the head coaching gig in 2019, Taylor has posted an overall record of 6-25-1. The Bengals have drafted key players such as franchise quarterback Joe Burrow and his former teammate Ja’Marr Chase, but in a crowded division, the team’s prospects in 2021 don’t look too promising.

As a result, former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi has place the 38-year-old Taylor firmly on the hot seat.

“Tremendous hot seat. This year at the draft it basically came down to (Penei) Sewell or (Ja’Marr) Chase from LSU and basically they let the coach pick him. Mike Brown’s not going to go another year,” Lombardi said on VSIN. “Zac Taylor’s performance as a Bengals head coach is worse than Davis Shula. That was really bad. I mean really, really, really, really bad. And this is worse. And Zac’s not qualified to be head coach of the team. I’m not sure Zac Taylor’s qualified to be the head coach of the University of Cincinnati, let alone the Bengals. All due respect to Zac Taylor, but let’s just call a spade a spade here.

“When you have a job that’s harder to get than a United States senator, there’s only 52 of those and you have a job that’s harder to get than that, you have to bring certain credentials to the table. Zac doesn’t bring any credentials and the offense has gotten worse. If you bet on Zac Taylor, we’re a better network, why would you ever bet on him? He’s demonstrated nothing in terms of managing the team, managing the game. I think that seat’s hot. I think it’s red, red, red hot.”

Lombardi’s comments might be harsh, but he is right about one thing: Taylor will need to show the Bengals top brass something this upcoming season or risk losing his job.

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