Former Florida State Player Says Locker Room Was “In Shambles” After Upset Loss


No team in college football has experienced as many highs and lows so far this season than Florida State football.

The Seminoles appeared to be on the right track when they went toe-to-toe in an overtime loss to Notre Dame in Week 1. Less than a week later, they lost to Jacksonville State on a mind-boggling last-second miracle touchdown. Talk about a whirlwind.

Florida State legitimately went from looking like a potential top-25 team to the laughingstock of college football. To make matters worse, a former Seminoles wide receiver is hearing bad things about the current mood in FSU’s locker room.

P.K. Sam took to Twitter on Tuesday night. In doing so, he had troubling information to share about the current mood of the Florida State Seminoles. He even went as far to say the locker room is “in shambles.”

Mike Norvell has a major challenge on his hands.

The reality is Florida State isn’t built for combat just yet. The Seminoles actually felt good about a loss, albeit a hard-fought loss, to Notre Dame. A worthwhile and disciplined culture wouldn’t accept defeat, no matter the opponent.

Florida State’s current culture was on full display against Jacksonville State. The Seminoles weren’t focused, didn’t play with passion and made a mistake at the most critical time. Even the coaching staff was out of sync and outcoached by Jacksonville State. The Seminoles have plenty of reflecting to do this week.

How will they respond after such a crushing loss? We’ll find out this Saturday when Florida State plays Wake Forest.



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