Football World Reacts To Shocking CFL Injury News


Each and every football season, at least one team deals with a high amount of injuries throughout the duration of a year. One CFL team, in particular, suffered several season-ending injuries in the span of just a few minutes. No, we’re not kidding.

Four players for the Saskatchewan Roughriders suffered a torn Achilles tendon in the span of six minutes during a team workout earlier this week. It’s a troubling development for the Canadian Football League, which cancelled the 2020 season in light of the pandemic.

The CFL has encouraged teams to ease players back into training, considering the 2020 season was cancelled. But the recent injury developments pose a problem within the league.

The CFL Players’ Association has released a statement to address the recent injuries within the league. In doing so, it also highlighted two more Achilles tendon injuries that took place within the CFL, in addition to the four the Roughriders experienced on Thursday.

“Despite the CFL’s assurances that player health and safety is a high priority for the league and teams, we have confirmed six members experienced Achilles Tendon injuries yesterday (four of six occurring within six minutes on one team),” the statement reads, via 3DownNation. “This clearly contradicts those assurances.

“The reports we have received regarding the circumstances cause us great concern that the coaching staff were not respecting the protocols in place for the first week of player isolation. We will continue to seek answers and demand more rigorous oversight on proper player safety standards.”

The football world is shocked by the recent events surrounding the CFL. Take a look below at how a few are reacting to this week’s news.

The CFL had better ensure it takes care of the players. There’s been way too many season-ending injuries so far, and training camp hasn’t even begun.


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