Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About Brazil vs. Argentina


A crazy scene is developing in the soccer world on Sunday afternoon.

One of the sport’s biggest rivalry games, Brazil vs. Argentina, has been stopped in absolutely wild fashion. The World Cup qualifier match was halted after health officials intervened.

Reuters had more:

A World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina was halted just minutes after kickoff on Sunday after Brazilian health officials objected to the participation of three Argentine players they say broke quarantine rules.

Argentina walked off the pitch at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo after the officials entered the pitch to stop the game.

Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa had the sought the immediate isolation of four Argentine players on Sunday, hours the game was set to kick off.

The situation on the pitch was pretty crazy.

Of course, there’s no joking about health situations. Still, college football fans are managing to speculate about which rivalry game this could happen to.

Many are going with Ohio State and Michigan.

Others are joking that it could be an SEC team, like Tennessee.

Hopefully nothing like this happens in the college football season. However, college football is often seen as the American equivalent to international soccer.

If it were to happen in an American sport, it would likely be college football…


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