Everyone Said The Same Thing About Cris Collinsworth Tonight


The 2021 NFL season got underway at Raymond Jones Stadium on Thursday night. It was fitting that Cris Collinsworth was on the call.

Collinsworth began his 2021 regular season commentary in the booth with his infamous slide. The NBC broadcaster joined partner Al Michaels by sliding himself and his chair into the broadcast picture ahead of Thursday’s game.

It was pretty hilarious, if we’re being honest. And it of course meant one thing: football is back.

Take a look.

In fact, pretty much every football fan said the same exact thing about the Collinsworth slide.

“One more step closer to normal: The Collinsworth Slide returns!,” one fan said on Twitter.

“Football season doesn’t officially start until you get a Collinsworth slide,” another said.

Take a look at what other football fans had to say about Collinsworth’s entrance on NBC’s broadcast Thursday night.

America has never been so happy to see Cris Collinsworth slide into frame. Football is officially back.

The matchup for tonight’s season opener is an enticing one. The defending champion Buccaneers are hosting the Dallas Cowboys. Both are expected to be major contenders within the NFC this season.

Tampa Bay has aspirations to be the first repeat champion in the NFL since 2004 when the New England Patriots and, you guessed it, Tom Brady did it. He’ll try and go back-to-back a second time in his career this year.

Tune into NBC right now to catch the rest of Cowboys-Buccaneers.


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