ESPN Reportedly In Discussions For Major NFL Move


ESPN has been acquiring the broadcast rights to major brands for years now. But their latest NFL move could dwarf anything they previously landed.

According to reports on Thursday, ESPN are in talks to acquire the NFL Sunday Ticket. The sports package’s exclusive deal with DirecTV is set to expire after the 2022.

For decades, the NFL Sunday Ticket – the out-of-network sports package that broadcasts NFL games – has been the exclusive property of DirecTV. But that deal is set to expire soon, and ESPN through their Disney parent company has pockets deep enough to make the NFL an offer that they can’t refuse.

Transferring ownership of the NFL Sunday Ticket from the DirecTV Satellite provider to ESPN could alter the balance of power in all of sports media. It’s likely that moving to ESPN will encourage millions more to actually buy it.

ESPN invested over a billion dollars into UFC alone for the broadcast rights to the MMA promotion. No doubt the Worldwide Leader in Sports would spare no expense for the exclusive rights to out-of-network games.

Of course, these are only talks at this point. It’s certainly possible that another outlet can come out of the woodwork to make a deal.

Lest we forget, Amazon has been working hard to expand its NFL coverage. And they also have more than enough money to make the NFL a tempting offer.

Will ESPN acquire the NFL Sunday Ticket?


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