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ESPN Ranks NFL Team Best Set Up For The Future

It’s hard to predict what a single season of NFL football will bring, let alone predicting what a team will look like several years into the future. That isn’t stopping ESPN from trying though.

In a recent feature on ESPN Plus, multiple contributors ranked all 32 teams by how set up they are to win over the next three seasons. Cracking the top five were a handful of teams who enjoyed remarkable seasons.

The Cleveland Browns (5), Buffalo Bills (4), Baltimore Ravens (3) and the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2) all made the cut. But the team at the top of the heap? The Kansas City Chiefs.

ESPN’s Field Yates wrote the blurb on the Chiefs and argued that Patrick Mahomes is the most preferable quarterback to have on a roster for the next three years. He believes that between Mahomes, head coach Andy Reid and GM Brett Veach all continuing to be outstanding, the Chiefs are “here to stay.”


There’s an easy case that no other quarterback in football is more preferable to have on your roster over the next three years than Patrick Mahomes, who is coupled with one of the league’s best head coaches in Andy Reid. The Chiefs’ outstanding front office led by GM Brett Veach is resourceful and willing to be bold when needed. This team is here to stay.

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the AFC Championship Game three years in a row. They are coming off back-to-back Super Bowl appearances and won it all in Super Bowl LIV.

With an all-world offense, a playmaking defense and an elite head coach, the Chiefs have all the tools to dominate. The Chiefs may have a floor of about 11 wins heading into the next few years.

Which NFL team do you think is best set up for the future?

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