ESPN Insider Uses 1 Word To Describe Packers’ Feelings On Aaron Rodgers


The longer the Green Bay Packers hold out in their stalemate with Aaron Rodgers, the better their fortune may end up being.

Despite Rodgers’ reported demands to be traded, the Packers have yet to rush to action. Instead, they’re remaining patient with the hope the 2020-21 NFL MVP returns and suits up in the green and yellow this fall. In fact, “hope” is exactly what the Packers are clinging to in the midst of ongoing rumors surrounding Rodgers, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

“The Packers are hopeful,” Fowler said during ESPN’s Get Up! on Monday, via Bleacher Report. “After asking around, I sense some encouragement out there from the Packers. I asked a source whether Rodgers’ comments breed optimism. They said, ‘I really hope so.’”

The Packers’ strategy could end up paying dividends. They don’t have to move Rodgers. On the flip side, Rodgers will miss out on his 2021-22 salary if he refuses to play. Green Bay appears to have control over the situation.

“So, this is a team that is waiting this out,” Fowler continued. “There’s no clear-cut clarity here. They are just simply hoping for the best. They are not going to trade him. Now, I did ask around to some execs around the league asking if this situation has lost the locker room with his teammates. They said, ‘no.’ They believe it has not because they understand his business, they’re keeping it separate.”

This all comes down to Aaron Rodgers and how he wants his legacy to play out.

The Packers have made it clear they’re not going to trade away their franchise quarterback. And barring a change of heart, they’re going to stick to the plan.

If Rodgers wants to play football later this fall, it looks more and more like he’ll only be able to do so by playing for the Packers.


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