ESPN Insider Reveals Why There Is “No Trade Market” For Aaron Rodgers


NFL fans may have been shocked to hear ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reveal this morning that there’s “no trade market” for disgruntled Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This afternoon though, Fowler clarified what he meant. Taking to Twitter, Fowler explained that the lack of a market stems from Green Bay’s complete unwillingness to field any calls about Rodgers. As a result, there’s nothing for interested teams to even do to test the waters.

“Valuable context, as I explained on show before Zoom snafu cut out part of answer: No market because GB still giving zero indications it’s trading him,” Fowler wrote. “Hence, there’s nothing for monitoring teams to do right now.”

By all accounts, Fowler is right. The Packers have publicly said that the they do not intend to trade Rodgers under any circumstances and will not hear any offers.

The deadline for NFL players to opt out of the 2021 season is about to pass, and Aaron Rodgers is not expected to do so. That means that a holdout is likely incoming.

Rodgers has skipped all Packers team activities since openly questioning his future with the team after the NFC Championship Game. In the months since, all kinds of rumors ranging from trade destinations to the aforementioned opt out have floated across the news wire.

But with training camp just around the corner, the NFL regular season is too. We could be on the verge of up to two months work of standoffs.

One thing seems certain though: Rodgers will not be traded.

[Jeremy Fowler]


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