ESPN Insider Clarifies Comment About Damian Lillard


ESPN insider Brian Windhorst turned a lot of heads this Friday with his comments about Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.

“The reality is people around Damian Lillard have been sabre-rattling behind the scenes with other teams and the Trail Blazers themselves,” Windhorst said on SportsCenter. 

Windhorst’s comments made it seem as if Lillard’s camp already reached out to other teams about a potential trade. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Moments ago, Windhorst went on Twitter to clarify his previous remarks.

“Earlier on SportsCenter I misspoke when discussing Damian Lillard,” Windhorst tweeted. “I incorrectly said Lillard’s camp had been in touch with teams. What I meant to relate was teams are monitoring his situation in case they need to take action. My error.”

Other teams monitoring Lillard’s situation is a way different from his personal camp reaching out to them.

Lillard has been fairly quiet about his future with the Trail Blazers. In fact, he said that he plans on handling his situation exclusively in-house.

“Anything that I have to say, I’m going to say directly to [Blazers general manager] Neil [Olshey] and I’m going to address it directly with my team,” Lillard said, via ESPN. “There’s really nothing else I have to say about it.”

Portland could shake up its roster this offseason to keep Lillard happy. That is, of course, if he’s willing to give the team one more chance.


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