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ESPN Analyst: Bucks Title “Carries More Weight” Than Others

“Not all rings are created equal,” Mike Greenberg said Wednesday afternoon on ESPN. “Some mean more than others for the legacies of players.”

Giannis’ 2021 chip, in Greenberg’s mind, is one of those rings. Tim Legler agreed with Greenberg on Get Up.

“This [championship] carries more weight,” Legler said. “I’m sorry, it does, than when guys go and orchestrate ending up in certain places to almost guarantee themselves a better opportunity to win.”

Rather than condemning superstars who have constructed championship-winning superstars, Legler is glorifying the Bucks’ title for its degree of difficulty.

“There was no guarantee prior to adding Jrue Holiday that this would ever happen. There was certainly no guarantee when [Giannis] took that [supermax] contract and decided to stay [in Milwaukee].”

Since “The Decision” (LeBron’s nationally televised choice to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Heat) in July 2010, an increasing number of all-stars have opted for the super team route. Legler expects the trend to continue.

“Going forward, more guys are going to choose the path of joining up with other stars in certain places than [Giannis] path,” Legler said. “He’s going to be a rarity in terms of what he has just accomplished and what he chose to do.”

Legler pointed to Steph Curry’s 2015 title (before Kevin Durant arrived in the Bay Area) and LeBron’s 2016 championship as other particularly “heavy” rings. 

“This is obviously historic because [Giannis] accepted the weight and the responsibility that comes with who he is and what he has made himself as a player with this franchise,” Legler said. “I applaud him for it.”

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