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ESPN Analyst Believes The Packers’ Season Is ‘Ruined’

Most tend to believe the Packers‘ success this upcoming season depends on Aaron Rodgers‘ pending decision. ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky doesn’t think it makes a difference; Green Bay is doomed.

Orlovksy said during ESPN’s NFL Live on Tuesday that the Packers’ 2021 season is already “ruined” because of the damage that’s been built between Rodgers and Green Bay. In other words, even if Rodgers does play for the Packers this upcoming season, it won’t matter.

“I think their season is ruined no matter what when it comes to championships because of this situation… This isn’t a healthy situation,” Orlovsky said, via NFL on ESPN.

Is this an overreaction? Probably. The Packers would contend for the NFC North if Aaron Rodgers played for them this season. But a Super Bowl run is probably out of the question considering how toxic Green Bay’s locker room is right now.

If what Orlovsky is saying is true, should the Packers even try to convince Aaron Rodgers to play for them this season? They might be better off moving ahead with Jordan Love and getting his inexperienced playing days out of the way.

It’s only a matter of time before the Packers turn the reins over to Love. They drafted him for a reason, and that was to eventually replace Rodgers. Perhaps he’ll get the opportunity sooner than he anticipated.

Green Bay’s training camp begins a little over a week from now. Will Rodgers attend? Will it even make a difference? The Packers face plenty of uncertainty ahead of the 2021 season.

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