Erika Jayne speaks of “alleged plane crash victims”, “RHOBH” fans say “they are real”.


Erika Jayne speaks of “alleged plane crash victims”, “RHOBH” fans say “they are real”.

“I refuse to give Erika the chance to defend herself when she used the expression” alleged victim “in the first 10 minutes of this reunion,” wrote a “RHOBH” fan

If Erika Jayne was hoping to change the public’s perception of her in the face of her alleged involvement in the money embezzlement case of her estranged husband and disgraced attorney Tom Girardi, then seeing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 again is doing her no favor. The housewife managed within the first ten minutes of the reunion premiere to rub everyone astray by repeatedly referring to the families of the victims of the plane crash as “alleged victims”.

In October 2018, the Indonesian Lion Air plane crashed into the Java Sea, leaving all 189 passengers and the crew inside dead. Some family members of the crash victims appointed Tom Girardi’s company Girardi Keese to represent them, thus helping Boeing to do justice to their personal tragedy is compensated. Tom Girardi took the case personally and managed to secure a massive payout for the families of Boeing’s victims. The money was sent directly to the law firm by Boeing. Although the aircraft manufacturer had sent huge sums in compensation for the victims’ families, the families reportedly received only a small portion of it. Despite several repeated follow-ups and the fact that the law firm did not receive any information, the victims’ families decided to sue Girardi for embezzling money from them. This led to the tale that the Girardi orphans and widows stole money to fund their lavish lifestyles.

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At Tom’s side, even Erika was drawn into the matter when the lawyer allegedly invested huge sums in the housewife’s business. The question arose whether Erika knew about her husband’s financial affairs. Although many fans began to be ‘RHOBH’ open-minded and ready to help the housewife when in doubt, they quickly changed their minds after seeing her actions on the show. Instead of showing compassion or remorse for her husband’s behavior towards the victims’ families, Erika focused overly on her own personal downfall and how she had to leave Tom’s villa and move into a small house, etc. The housewife’s constant complaint, broke Being and not talking about the victims once left fans frustrated.

But for many fans the last straw was when Erika finally addressed the victims, but chose an extremely poor choice of words. The housewife repeatedly referred to the victims as “alleged victims” of the “alleged actions of her husband”. Several fans went to her Twitter to call her. One fan tweeted: “Did Erika really say” Alleged Victims “??? # RHOBH.” “Alleged victims ??!?!? !! ?? !!!? Wtf !!!! I hope so much that no good Poserika goes to jail. #RHOBH.” Another fan commented: “Erika is doing herself a disservice by repeatedly saying” alleged victims “#RHOBH #RHOBHReunion.

“How incredibly deaf and privileged of Erika to call Tom’s victim” supposedly “and then say she is ready to” close this chapter “and call it bullshit. Ma’am, your husband stole the victims and put the money up Transferred your account, you can’t just wash your hands from this #RHOBH, “said one angry fan. Another fan added:” Um, Erika, the victims are not “supposed”, they are real and they exist actually #RHOBH. ” “I refuse to give Erika the chance to fight back when she #RHOBH used the phrase ‘alleged victims’ in the first 10 minutes of this reunion,” explained one fan.

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 11 airs every Wednesday at 8/7 a.m. on Bravo.

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