Dwyane Wade Has Message For Chris Paul After Game 2 vs. Bucks


Chris Paul’s second NBA Finals game was his second NBA Finals win as his Phoenix Suns topped the Milwaukee Bucks in a 118-108 victory. Among the many to offer Paul congratulations after the win was NBA legend Dwyane Wade.

As Paul walked off the court after the win, he was greeted by a masked-up D-Wade. The two shared a bro hug, during which the Miami Heat legend told Paul how much he’s rooting for him.

“Two more bro,” Wade said. “Two more.”

Wade didn’t keep all the love for Chris Paul though. He also gave Suns guard Devin Booker a hug and told him “Two more” as well.

The Phoenix Suns are now 2-0 in the NBA Finals heading into Sunday’s Game 3 in Milwaukee. Chris Paul has been lights out so far, contributing 55 points, eight rebounds and 17 assists in those two games.

Devin Booker has been similarly dominant, giving the Suns 58 points, seven rebounds and 12 assists in their two wins.

They’re now just two wins away from winning their first NBA title, and the first title in the 53-year history of the Phoenix Suns franchise.

But the Suns can’t start putting the banner up just yet. The Milwaukee Bucks have a perfect opportunity to get right back into this thing if they win Game 3 on Sunday.

Whether the Bucks can secure the comeback or not though, it’s pretty clear which team Dwyane Wade is rooting for.


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