Dick Vitale Responds To Latest College Sports, NIL News


It was an unprecedented week within the NCAA – for the better, too. Now that college athletes can be compensated based off their name, image and likeness, coaches will have to prepare for potential controversy, according to college basketball analyst Dick Vitale.

Vitale sent a message to college coaches on Friday. What for? He warned them about the potential consequences of the NCAA’s ruling on NIL. One of the warnings Vitale believes could arise is tension within the locker room due to certain players making more money (based on their NIL) compared to others.

“Coaches now have added tasks -1 managing a roster due to transfer portal – 2 must watch for jealousy in locker room due to NIL / some players make more $$$ can create problems with TEAM MORALE – 3 dealing with social media / 4 oh by the way Coach – Recruit & WIN BABY !” Vitale said on Twitter.

Tension within the locker room has existed for decades, regardless of circumstance. And coaches have had to deal with the transfer portal and potential social media drama for years now.

We have a feeling coaches are already prepared for the concerns Vitale mentioned in his latest tweet.

Coaches won’t have to adjust much to the new NIL changes. The biggest potential obstacle will be teaching players how to best navigate the NIL and the financial aspects of it. Those obstacles are absolutely worth the potential grueling process athletes and coaches may have to go through.

College player compensation is long overdue. The NCAA has held too much power for too long. It’s about time athletes are compensated for their name, image and likeness.


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