Derek Carr Sends Blunt Message About Carl Nassib


Soon after Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib came out as gay, becoming the first active NFL player to do so, his teammate Derek Carr issued a strong message of support.

“I often said I love my teammates. I mean it,” Carr said in June, according to Ian Rapoport. “We always say we are a family in that Raider locker room, and we mean that. I want to win a championship here with Carl & the rest of our teammates.”

Earlier this week, Carr spoke at length about Nassib and the organization’s reaction. The Raiders quarterback explained that he and the rest of the team are already fully prepared to defend the defensive lineman if anybody gives him any problems.

“He’s our brother,” Carr said of Nassib in an appearance on the “The Cris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman“. “So, if you want to mess with him, you have to go through us.”

Carr implied that not everyone in and around the Raiders fully agrees with Nassib’s lifestyle. Regardless, every member of the team has said that they would have the defensive end’s back.

“And so there are some guys that have raised a question or two. But, they all say without a doubt we have his back.”

Nassib is a trailblazer in the NFL and showed a tremendous amount of courage in coming out publicly. It’s encouraging to see Carr and the Raiders embrace him and make clear that they’ll give him the utmost support this season and beyond.

“I hope that no one makes it difficult for him, and I’m talking about the outside coming in,” Carr said of Nassib. “Because inside of our building, he’s going to be loved just like he’s always been loved. Just like everyone on our team is always treated.”

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