Derek Carr Reveals What He Heard About Tom Brady Speculation


When Tom Brady made bombshell comments last month on HBO’s The Shop, many believed that the seven-time Super Bowl champion was referencing Derek Carr as the (expletive) that was chosen over him.

But, Carr doesn’t exactly have the same impression.

In a recent interview, the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback claimed that he’s heard that Brady wasn’t talking about him. Because of that, Carr said that he could rest easy.

“From what I know it wasn’t me, which is good,” Carr told Brother from Another on Wednesday, per Pro Football Talk. “I know you got the rings, but if it’s not me then we’re good. What I heard, it wasn’t me. And so I’m good with that.”

Carr wouldn’t reveal how he got the information but claimed that he got it “from a good source.”

There’s no way to tell if this “good source” is reliable or not, so Brady still could’ve been referencing the Raiders quarterback. Soon after the episode of The Shop aired, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported that multiple sources around the league had thought Carr and the Raiders were the player and organization that the now Tampa Bay Buccaneers leader was talking about.

“In league circles, there’s one team that hasn’t been deeply thrust into the conversation, but perhaps should be: The Raiders,” Florio wrote in June. “Multiple people with deep connections to the NFL’s matrix have reached out in the past 24 hours to express a belief that the unnamed team was the Raiders. Which, obviously, would make Derek Carr the unnamed “motherf–ker.” As both sources explained it, the Raiders dropped out late in the process. As one source explained it, the Raiders thought Brady’s requests for extra things was over the top.”

The Raiders have expressed their unwavering support of Carr, so as long as he believes they chose him over Brady, then the 2021 season should go off without inner turmoil in the organization.


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