Derek Carr Getting Crushed For Quote About Raiders’ 2020 Season


The Las Vegas Raiders have a penchant for starting hot, and then falling apart down the stretch in recent years. Quarterback Derek Carr sees his team differently, and believes they were just a few plays from a pretty special season.

After going from 6-4 to 7-9 in 2019, the Raiders had a similar “tale of two seasons” last year. After a 6-3 start, the team finished at 8-8 and firmly out of the seven-team AFC playoff field.

Where some may see a late-season swoon, if not a collapse, Carr believes the team was a few crucial moments away from being right in the mix in January. “We were three or four plays away from having 12 or 11 wins,” he said during an appearance on Peacock’s Brother From Another this week.

“Like, literally three plays. And it’s like, we’re so close. Especially, we feel so confident on the offensive side with all the weapons that you mentioned and all those kinds of things…”

The Las Vegas Raiders looked to stock up on the defensive side this offseason, bringing in Gus Bradley as coordinator, as well as roster additions like Yannick Ngakoue. Carr thinks that will help bridge the gap between the .500 mark that the team has struggled to eclipse, and true playoff contender.

“Now adding coach Gus Bradley and Yannick and the different guys that we’ve added to our defense, I mean, we’re kind of excited — to say the least. So we’re really looking forward to the season.”

The Raiders were at the losing end of some tough games last year, including the Kansas City Chiefs’ comeback against them in Week 11, an overtime loss to the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 15, and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s incredible comeback win for the Miami Dolphins in Week 16. At the same time, they stole a game from the New York Jets in Week 13, on a defensive blitz call that got Gregg Williams fired. Pro Football Reference has their expected wins last year at 7.1-8.9, which would indicate that the luck was in their favor, if anything.

Fans are having plenty of fun at Carr’s expense over that claim.

The Raiders have some talent, but Derek Carr may be overselling how close they are to major contention, but it is hard to blame him for trying to remain optimistic.

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