Dennis Rodman Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Watching The NBA


The NBA has evolved into a game of finesse and elite shooting over the years. NBA legend Dennis Rodman isn’t a fan of the change.

Rodman played in a basketball era built on toughness. He himself made a career on outfighting the opponent and willing them into submission. Unfortunately, his play wouldn’t be tolerated for a second in today’s NBA, and that’s the biggest reason why Rodman doesn’t even watch today’s game.

Rodman revealed during an interview on the Full Send podcast this week that he doesn’t watch the NBA anymore. Why? He doesn’t want to watch “players coming down shooting 50 footers,” which is a pretty obvious reference to players like Steph Curry and Damian Lillard who have made a career on taking and making ridiculously long shots.

“I don’t know, it’s just very hard to watch because once you’ve played the game the way we played it intensity, just competitiveness,” Rodman said, via Clutch Points. “But now it’s more like you know I don’t want to watch players coming down shooting 50 footers, you know. That’s not basketball.”

You can find his full interview in the video below.

If you try and compare the NBA when Dennis Rodman was playing with today’s game, you’ll find an entirely different game.

Basketball players have taken advantage of the rules in today’s NBA. Post players are practically non-existent. Defense is at a minimum, specifically during the regular season.

It’s no surprise former NBA players like Rodman don’t watch anymore. But the reality is the younger generation loves today’s style of basketball.


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