Deion Sanders Not A Fan Of 1 Aspect Of College Football


On Saturday, the Jackson State Tigers will take on the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. It’ll be a tough test for head coach Deion Sanders, but he seems up for the challenge.

During a conference call this past Monday, Sanders spoke to reporters about Jackson State’s upcoming matchup. He dismissed the idea of Jackson State viewing this weekend’s showdown as nothing more than a “buy game.”

For years, we’ve seen inferior college football programs take on bigger names in exchange for a hefty paycheck. While the Tigers will be receiving a large sum of money for Saturday’s game, Sanders is hell-bent on debunking the “buy game” narrative.

“Normally you just get paid to go to get beat, right?” Sanders said, via Clarion Ledger. “That’s really the goal, right? Somebody pays you, your program makes more money than they normally will to go get your butt kicked. I don’t believe in that.”

Some programs have no issue scheduling games with teams they’re no match against. Sanders, however, doesn’t necessarily believe that it’s worth suffering a blowout loss in exchange for a six-figure paycheck.

“Normally when you play against a powerhouse like I see some of the HBCU schools have taken, it helps the budget, but it kills the morale,” Sanders said. “How can getting your butt kicked, I mean really kicked, help you as a team? Financially, cool. All money ain’t good money.”

Jackson State looked outstanding in its 22-point win over Tennessee State last weekend. Sanders will need a similar performance from his players this Saturday if he wants to lead the program to an upset win over Louisiana-Monroe.


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