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Deion Sanders Names His 2 Favorite Athletes Of All-Time

Deion Sanders, a legendary football player and accomplished baseball player, is one of the greatest athletes that the world has seen. Now serving as the head coach at Jackson State, he was asked about his favorites during SWAC Media Day today.

It isn’t a huge surprise that Deion respects other great two-sport stars. Bo Jackson, who was one of the most exciting football players ever before injuries cut his career as a running back short, makes his list. Jackson was also in the MLB from 1986-1994.

After winning the Heisman Trophy in 1985, Jackson was a Pro Bowler in 1990, his final NFL season. He made the MLB All-Star Game in 1989 with the Kansas City Royals.

His other pick is Brian Jordan, whom he shared a defensive backfield with when the two played for the Atlanta Falcons. Jordan only spent a few years in the NFL, but had a 14-year MLB career, including an All-Star nod in 1999 with the Atlanta Braves.

Deion’s career, of course, overshadows both, as a two-time Super Bowl champion, six-time All-Pro, and NFL Hall of Famer. He’s on the very short list for greatest defensive backs ever. He also had a successful baseball career, playing for five teams between 1989 and 2001.

Of course, there’s no knowing what might’ve been if Bo Jackson hadn’t suffered the dislocated hip that wound up derailing his career in the 1991 NFL playoffs. He averaged 5.4 yards per attempt during his NFL career, topping out at 950 yards and four scores in 11 games back in 1989.

We’ll have to wait to hear more from Deion Sanders though. He left his press conference abruptly after a reporter called him by his first name, which he took as a sign of disrespect.

Jackson State went 4-3 (3-2) in their first season under Sanders as head coach.

[Joseph Goodman]

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