Danny Kanell Reveals His “Resume-Based” Top 8 Poll For College Football


CBS Sports college football analyst Danny Kanell just released his top 8 after Week 1 of the 2021 season. He made some interesting picks based on “resumes.”

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Kanell revealed his “resume-based” top 8 teams heading into Week 2. The obvious No. 1 choice was Alabama, but from there things got a little interesting.

Rather than putting Georgia in second despite their huge win over Clemson, Kanell put Ohio State in second place. Georgia was relegated to third.

Then, Kanell really spiced things up. He slotted Penn State at No. 4, followed by UCLA, Notre Dame, Texas A&M and Iowa.

UCLA, Penn State and Iowa are particularly noteworthy picks as none of them were ranked in the top 8 in the latest AP poll. The Bruins are all the way down at 16.

It’s hard to deny that the teams in Kanell’s top 8 don’t deserve recognition. All of the programs on the list either beat a top 25 team or thoroughly crushed an unranked team.

Nevertheless, the ranking has a very strong Big Ten and SEC flavor that some fans may take exception to, which is ironic, because Kanell is well known for rankling SEC fans. The absence of Oklahoma in particular is very likely to ruffle some feathers.

Some of the teams on Kanell’s list are bound to fall back down to earth sooner or later. But with the way he’s grading the events of Week 1, maybe he’s got a stronger argument than we think.


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