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Dan Patrick Reacts To The Oklahoma, Texas Rumors

Oklahoma and Texas are reportedly flirting with the SEC and considering breaking up with the Big 12; Dan Patrick isn’t a fan of the idea.

If the Sooners, in particular, go on to join the SEC, they’d become the second- or perhaps third-best team in the conference. Currently, Oklahoma runs the Big 12 (on the football side of things, at least). Patrick doesn’t think it’d be wise for the Sooners to walk away from being the powerhouse they currently are.

“If you’re Oklahoma, do you need to join the SEC. You’re on cruise control. You’re in the #Big12. You’re not threatened,” Patrick said on Thursday. “You roll through the conference and you play for a National Title.”

He has a good point. Why should Oklahoma walk away from everything it has built in the Big 12? Join the SEC and you start playing catch-up to the Alabama Crimson Tide. That’s a risky gamble, to say the least.

On the flip side, if the Sooners and Longhorns join the SEC they’ll automatically be granted more respect. That’s just the way college football works these days.

The reality is the 12-team College Football Playoff is inevitable. If it is eventually implemented, which conference will be the most represented? You guessed it. The SEC.

Oklahoma and Texas will always be in the playoff conversation if the two programs join the SEC. A 9-3 SEC team will probably get in over a 10-2 Big 12 team. Plus, let’s not forget about the money aspect.

The SEC isn’t just king of football, it’s the king of revenue. Oklahoma and Texas probably want a slice of the pie. Not to mention, the SEC wants to bring in two of the bigger brands in collegiate sports.

Sure, Oklahoma could keep on enjoying its Big 12 success. But the future is brighter in the SEC.

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