Dan Campbell on Jared Goff’s Debut In Detroit.


Jared Goff has been playing some of his best football of his young career in his first two games with the Detroit Lions. While his performance has yet to result in a win, head coach Dan Campbell has praised him.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Campbell praised Goff for recently playing with “a high level of confidence.” While Goff needs to cut down on his turnovers (he’s had several), Campbell noted that he’s made some good throws in Detroit that he doesn’t recall seeing with the Rams. “He really has after the last two weeks,” Campbell said, according to ProFootballTalk . “And look, you can’t blame him for the turnovers, but if he hadn’t made them, he would’ve given us a chance to win (on Monday).” He threw some pretty good passes and improvised a little bit, which wasn’t always the case with the Rams. As a result, that was reassuring to us. Goff has completed 68. ”

Goff has completed 68. Through two games, he has completed 8% of his passes for 584 yards and five touchdowns. He has the most passing attempts in the NFL, but he also has two interceptions and one fumble loss.

The Detroit Lions are currently ranked in the top 15 in terms of offense, which is an improvement over last year.

However, their defense has allowed over 30 points per game thus far. If they want to improve on last year’s 5-11 record, they’ll need more than Jared Goff to step up. How good will Jared Goff and the Lions be this year?




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