Dalvin Cook the Vikings reveals vulnerable news about Everson Griffen.


Dalvin Cook the Vikings reveals vulnerable news about Everson Griffen.

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook stood in grim mood on the podium for his weekly press conference on Wednesday.

His longtime teammate Everson Griffen was concerned that an intruder was in his house and made a series of disturbing Instagram posts early Wednesday morning claiming someone was in his house trying to kill him. With the local authorities and mental health team specialists outside his home, Griffen had not come out all morning. The rest of the team prepared for Wednesday’s training.

Griffen, 33, finally came out of his house “without incident” and is now getting the care he needs, ”per ESPN. However, while the situation continued, Cook, 25, offered Griffen a strong message of support and a reminder.

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Cook spoke admirably about how Griffen “took him under his wing” when he first arrived in Minnesota.

“He’s been one of the older guys who’ve taken me under his wing since I came here,” Cook said at a press conference on November 24th. “This is my brother. I just want him to be fine.”

Griffen has seen a renaissance, regaining a starting role and scoring five sacks on the team among the active players after spending a year without the Vikings last season.

“That’s why your mental health is always important,” said Cook. “To look after your loved ones – your brothers, the tough – who show no signs of weakness or show signs that they are doing nothing wrong. Just make sure they’re fine. That is important in today’s world. “

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Early on Wednesday morning, Griffen posted a disturbing video of him on ESPN holding a pistol that he said was his.

“I’m in my house. N ***** trying to bang me,” Griffen said in the video. “I have clips left. This is my weapon, .45 Wilson Combat, which is registered on me. I bought all of my bullets in town. Dalvin Cook helped me buy this gun. It is all mine and they are registered to me. I know exactly where I bought them. I have the card I got them on have. I have everything. “

Cook said he didn’t know why Griffen mentioned him in the video but tried to call Griffen Wednesday morning and text him. Griffen didn’t answer, Cook said.

Griffen posted an Instagram story saying, “I need help. People are trying to kill me in my own house. ”He posted screenshots of a text conversation with his agent, Brian Murphy of Athletes First, asking for 911 help.

He called 911 and the local authorities and the team’s mental health specialists responded, waiting outside his house until about 1:30 p.m. CT when he was ambulance to a health facility via ESPN.

General Manager Rick Spielman was at Griffen’s residence all day.

General Manager Rick Spielman was at Griffen’s residence all day.

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