Dak Prescott Shares Gruesome Details From Leg Injury


You can’t question Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s toughness. A recent revelation he made to ESPN’s Sage Steele makes that very clear.

Prescott’s 2020 season was ended prematurely, when he suffered a compound fracture and dislocated right ankle during the team’s mid-season game against the New York Giants. He was on pace for a historic statistical season, when he went down with the gruesome injury.

During an interview for ESPN+’s Up Close with Sage Steele, Prescott revealed that he initially thought he rolled his ankle. While it was apparent to most who watched it that it was a very bad injury, he actually tried to set the injury himself, which is wild.

“Yeah, so as I said, I thought it was just rolled, and as I grabbed it and did that I just was like, ‘I need to get off the field,’” Prescott told Steele. “So, I was trying to  set it back myself. I was trying to hit it into the ground. I don’t know. I was trying to get off the field, and I knew it wasn’t straight. So I wanted to do that so I could get up and when I couldn’t that’s when I just waved, ‘I can’t do this myself.’ They came over, they put it back in place and that was a relief, right?”

Prescott said he was in shock, so he didn’t fully understand the extent of the injury at first, but felt immense pain afterwards. Ultimately, he needed two surgeries to fix the ankle, which he admits was a hard pill to swallow.

Via Cowboy Maven:

“The only time I can say that I was like, man, was when I had to get a second surgery,” Prescott noted. “And that was just because I had gotten my foot back on the ground for about a week or so, and I didn’t necessarily know after my leg was facing another way how it was supposed to feel but it didn’t feel great the first couple of days walking.

“Obviously, thankful for good doctors and people and medics to just know that we needed to go do more work on it and get it right.”

All indications are that Dak Prescott will be fully recovered for the 2021 season. He’s expected to be ready to go for training camp later this month.

[Up Close with Sage Steele]


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