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Dabo Swinney Reveals His ‘Ideal’ College Football Playoff

A 12-team College Football Playoff could prove to be a tremendous benefit for teams always on the outside looking in. On the flipside, it means more games for national powers like Clemson. Dabo Swinney isn’t a fan, as a result.

A 12-team playoff is inevitable. The NCAA recognizes a money grab when it sees one, and more playoff games means more revenue and greater reach. It also creates a more nationwide postseason, as opposed to the current system which practically leaves the West Coast out of the picture. This is a good thing for the sport.

Per usual, Swinney opposes what could be a great step forward for college football. He admitted as much on Thursday during an interview on ACC Network, saying he believes the BCS system would be better than a 12-team playoff.

“Now you go to 12 and you’ve basically become the NFL,” Swinney said, via Chris Hummer of 247Sports. “Now it’s truly all about the playoff. I think you’ll have kids opt out of the playoff, to be honest with you.”

Let’s be honest here. College football is already “all about the playoff.”

The four-team format has left plenty of regions of the country out of the picture. It’s instead featured the same three teams in Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State while also mixing in teams like LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington. It’s time for a change.

College football is past the point of return here. The once unique regular season has lost its traditional value. And it’ll stay that way unless a return to the BCS is made (which won’t happen).

So what’s the solution? Expand the playoff. Doing so gets more teams and regions into the process. More eyeballs generally means more revenue, greater passion and overall betterment of the sport.

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