Cris Collinsworth Unveils ‘Worst Case Scenario’ For Aaron Rodgers


Adam Schefter hopped on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast on Tuesday to discuss Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay. Collinsworth and Schefter simulated negotiations between Rodgers and the Packers’ front office.

Before role playing a “worst case scenario” for the 2020 MVP, Schefter offered his thoughts on Rodgers’ behavior.

“I think Aaron Rodgers has been passive aggressive about this whole thing,” said Schefter. “If he wants out of there–which I think he does–I think he’s got to get some mud on his hands. And I think he’s got to come out and say something to this effect: I love my coaches. I love my teammates…I love the fans and I loved playing in Green Bay. But that time for me is over.”

Collinsworth responded tactfully to Schefter from the perspective of Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst.

“Aaron Rodgers has been a fantastic player for us. He’s won us a Super Bowl. We love him here in Green Bay. We will always love him and we wish him well in his retirement,” said Collinsworth with a smile.

Rejecting a stalemate, Schefter demanded a trade for Rodgers.

“No, we’re not trading you,” countered Collinsworth. “You’re playing for the Green Bay Packers or you’re playing for nobody. You’re under contract.”

“No problem…I’m going to host Jeopardy,” threatened Schefter. “Thank you for squatting on me and not getting back three first round draft picks and various players to help your own team.”

While simplified, Collinsworth and Schefter’s exchange is a realistic depiction of how talks could unfold between Rodgers and his team. The back-and-forth figures to heat up as next season approaches.


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