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Cris Collinsworth Reveals The Best NFL Tipper He’s Met

Former NFL wide receiver turned NBC/Pro Football Focus analyst Cris Collinsworth shared a great pro football tipping story this month.

Collinsworth revealed that Hall of Fame head coach Mike Ditka is among the best tippers he’s ever met.

Ditka, 81, reportedly likes to tip just about everyone he comes across while he’s working. Collinsworth shared some great stories about Ditka’s tipping habits during a recent podcast episode.

“Mike Ditka, no matter who he came across, if it was somebody doing something for him— there was literally a guy who would show up at the NBC studio every Sunday morning for our pregame show, and just open the door for Mike, and Mike would give him $100,” Collinsworth said on his podcast. “I’m not kidding ya. The dudes that would stop the cars and do the swipe and squeegee on your windshield or whatever— he wasn’t even driving— we’re in the backseat, somebody’s driving us to the studio, he’d roll down the window and give the guy $100. One of the most generous human beings I have ever met in my life.”

Ditka is a legendary figure for his coaching ability and his iconic sideline look.

The Hall of Fame head coach is also reportedly a legendary tipper.

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