College Football World Shocked By Notre Dame’s Performance


The college football world is pretty stunned by Notre Dame’s performance on Saturday.

The Fighting Irish are playing Toledo on Saturday afternoon. The game is not airing on television, but rather being streamed on Peacock. So, the college football world at large might not be fully aware of what’s going on in South Bend, Indiana.

It’s Toledo 16, Notre Dame 14 midway through the third quarter.

The college football world is shocked by what’s transpiring in South Bend.

“Toledo is just absolutely dominating the line of scrimmage against Notre Dame right now. A shocking sight after everything we’ve come to know ND to be in recent years,” Matt Fortuna tweeted.

Notre Dame is coming off a big season-opening win at Florida State.

Brian Kelly wasn’t thrilled with his team’s execution in that game, though, and maybe things have spilled over into today’s game.

Regardless, Notre Dame is officially on upset alert.

Notre Dame isn’t the only major program on upset watch, though. Several notable upsets are transpiring on Saturday.

Notre Dame falling to Toledo would be the most-shocking of them all, though.

Get to Peacock!


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