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College Football World Reacts To Oklahoma, Texas News

A new report emerged on Wednesday that Oklahoma and Texas have been exploring a move from the Big 12 Conference to the SEC.

The Houston Chronicle reported today that the two Big 12 juggernauts have reached out to the SEC about joining. Such a move would turn the Southeastern Conference into the largest conference in FBS with 16 teams, and add two of the nation’s most storied programs.

Naturally, a move like that would send shockwaves through the college football world. Oklahoma and Texas pretty much carry the Big 12 Conference, and their departure would likely be its death knell.

But for some, this move doesn’t make a lot of sense. Texas’ recent struggles in the Big 12 have many believing that they’d be a fish out of water in the SEC.

Some are struggling to find the benefit while others think the Longhorns would be a seven- or eight-win team in the SEC:

Still others seem to believe that this story is a pretty much a nothing-burger and that nothing will come of it:

In football, Oklahoma and Texas (mostly Oklahoma) have reigned supreme since the conference began in 1996. The two have won a combined 17 of 25 regular season titles – Oklahoma with 14, and Texas with the second-most at three.

For what it’s worth, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has neither confirmed nor denied the reports. But inquiring minds will likely continue to insist that he or someone else in the SEC higher-ups provide a more decisive answer soon.

Will Oklahoma and/or Texas leave the Big 12 to join the SEC? And what would happen to the Big 12 teams left behind if they do?

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