College Football World Reacts To Notre Dame’s Crazy Finish


Somehow, someway No. 8 Notre Dame survived a scare from Toledo on Saturday afternoon thanks to Jack Coan’s heroics.

Your average college football fan didn’t watch the Fighting Irish’s game on Saturday because of its limited viewing options. But fans started taking notice of a potential upset late in the fourth quarter when Toledo found itself with the ball with just a few minutes left.

Toledo quarterback Dequan Finn scored on a quarterback keeper to give Toledo the lead with a bit over a minute left. The Rockets left a bit too much time on the clock, though. Like he did last week against Florida State, Coan stepped in to save the day.

The Notre Dame quarterback hit his tight end for a touchdown with just over a minute left. It wound up being the go-ahead score.

As the old saying goes, a win’s a win. Notre Dame survived and is now 2-0. That’s all that matters. Most fans didn’t see it the same way, though.

Not only did the Fighting Irish almost lost to Toledo, they didn’t have a big audience.

The good news is Jack Coan got plenty of recognition for his play.

The Notre Dame quarterback dislocated his finger during his game-winning drive. He sprinted over to the sideline, got his finger put back in place and wound up throwing the go-ahead score.

Talk about effort.

Notre Dame will celebrate Saturday’s win, but the Fighting Irish have plenty to correct ahead of next week’s showdown versus Purdue.


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