College Football World Reacts To Jim Harbaugh’s Viral Quote


Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is well-known for giving interesting quotes at his press conferences. But today’s comments about their recent win have made him go viral.

During his Monday press conference, Harbaugh addressed how Michigan was able to beat Washington over the weekend. He invoked how military general George Patton “got the job done on the ground” while astronaut Neil Armstrong “got it done through the air” before declaring that his team got it done on the ground.

“Mission accomplished,” Harbaugh said at the end, to the delight of Michigan fans.

Harbaugh’s comments have gone viral, with tons of Wolverines fans delighting in how Harbaugh seemingly has his swagger back. Many are calling those comments “peak Harbaugh”

The Michigan Wolverines are off to a 2-0 start thanks to wins over Western Michigan and Washington. They’ve outscored their two opponents 78-24 and have looked good on both sides of the ball.

So it’s pretty easy to understand why Harbaugh is in such a good mood this week.

Michigan still have some work to do before they take a significant move up in the rankings. But if they can get a win over MAC giant Northern Illinois this weekend, they’ll be in great shape heading into their Big Ten schedule.

Did you like Jim Harbaugh’s comments on Monday? Do the Michigan Wolverines have their mojo back this season?


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